The Journey to Gorgon

The self is composed of layers. We all know this.

The physical body alone is saturated with an intricate web of systems that operate interdependently and symbiotically in order to satisfy a wide variety of purposes.

Yet, the physical body does not fully encompass the entire self, does it? There are other layers. Layers that we don't fully understand. Layers that might not be visible through a microscope, or a camera, or even to the naked human eye.

I'll never forget this beautiful line from the movie Small Soldiers, in which the young Alan is doubting the warrior Archer's decision to embark on a daunting journey to rediscover the lost homeland of Gorgon.

In the face of the youngster's doubt that Gorgon even exists, Archer looks the boy straight in the eye, and calmly says: "Alan, even if you can't see something, it doesn't mean it isn't there."

[Mic drop!]

Stunned by the simple wisdom, Alan has no choice but to embrace the possibility of the unknown, and to support Archer's decision to venture into wild territory.

So it is with the self. Just because you haven't seen, or felt, or perceived a hidden part of yourself, doesn't mean it isn't there. Maybe the mystery is just camped out on the periphery, waiting...with infinite patience...for you to uncover it.

When I met Yogani in person not too long ago, he reiterated his desire to stay anonymous. He looked at me, and with his endearingly shy eyes, he said: "I'm a writer. That's who I am."

[Mic drop #2!]

I suppose I could have argued the point. I could have tried to give him a dose of his own medicine by quoting his line that identity is a pitfall of the mind. I could have challenged his position of anonymity by encouraging him to activate a new part of his personality, for the benefit of all humanity.

But I didn't.

Much like Alan had to respect Archer's decision to move forward, I guess I had to respect Yogani's decision to stay put.

I can't really control whether anyone else wants to move forward, or stay put. However, I can control my own body and my own mind, and that task is proving to be challenging enough.

I think I'll move forward, and join search of the lost homeland of Gorgon.

[Mic drop #3!]

Thank you for reading. Be still, and flow.