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May 1, 2018

driving across Gandy bridge

in a vehicle made by the hands of

hundreds, maybe thousands, potentially millions

(we're even in the billions now, last i heard, though i wonder if the count is really true)


i see pelicans catching the wind close to the concrete

they hover by the guard rail

they look down upon baitfish coalescing around pilings

they swoop down to fill their gullet



the barnacles are rich with vegetation


sitting in a movie theater

i watch yet another Marvel flick

full of superheroes trying to save the universe from an ominous villain


the screen shows animated creatures, imaginary technology, spectacular battles, unexpected deaths, humorous bits to temper the tragedies


if Thanos acquires the infinity stones,

his power will be devastating


it's hyperstimulation and hypersimulation [see, what i did there was just remove the "t" to change the meaning from extreme sensory input to extreme sensory output.]


back on the bridge

boats skim along the crest of one multiplicitous wave

their propellers push fiberglass hulls and shred through saltwater,

leaving shallow scars

sometimes on the poor backs of manatees


up above

planes rip through the atmosphere with their high pitch

descending and ascending

to and from Tampa airport


inside my mind

an observer, a creator, a participant

yearns to write about these things


to capture

with an emotionally sticky net

all the parts of myself that hug the circle

trace the circumference

violently break through boundaries in front of them


in Deep Meditation

i wobble between desperate attempts at getting lost,

calculated strategies to construct order and harmony,

bouts of surrender to potent memories


my grandmother is cooking okra in an electric skillet

i can smell the slimy kernels


we are pouring thick batter into a waffle press

soon syrup and butter will adorn the fluffy brown-ness


we are squeezing oranges picked from the backyard tree

the pulp is the best kind of fiber

my tongue, throat, and stomach say so


here comes the rubber kickball rolling across the hard ground

i assault the ball with as much precision as possible


back in bed

i hold my smartphone like a pacifier

hoping to reach someone.

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