Shallow :: Deep

The mind seems to have a space of its own, apart from the land we walk upon, or the sky we fly through, or the ocean we dive into, or the fire we burn.

So if I were to tell you...I went deeper into my mind...that's not as clear-cut as saying, for instance, that I walked 3 miles on Bayshore Boulevard, adjacent to Tampa Bay in the State of Florida.

The trouble with describing the territory of the mind seems to come from a lack of fixed positions, standard metrics, and precision in general. Nevertheless, there is plenty of universal scenery within the mind that allows for us to communicate effectively and create some kind of loose map of consciousness.

I'm not even going to entertain the notion that the mind is contained solely within the brain, so let's set those parameters right off the bat. The brain is a complex physical organ that is intimately linked to the mind, surely. However, I know—at such an intuitive level, and through a variety of experiences—that the mind, and my broader consciousness, is not limited to the physicality of the brain. The mind is within the heart as well, and in every cell of the body, and well beyond the confines of muscle, bone and blood.

Earlier today, I was meditating with a friend in a quaint Catholic church, and I felt inner space grab ahold of me. It's a delightful sensation that happens from time to time, especially during meditation. Essentially, what happens is that my limited sense of awareness (centered in the body, and observant of the mind's activity) begins to be stretched by a seemingly infinite source that is both within and without me. Space, stillness, a void. And my mind rejoices at this union. Everything about the sensation is welcoming. It is a shift from limitation to limitlessness.

Here's the tricky part.

As much as I would like to grab ahold of That, and to be rollin' in the deep as soon and as often as possible, the rules of the game seem to operate on principles which prohibit grabbiness on my part. That is why I said: Inner space grabbed ahold of me (and not the other way around). I surrendered to That, by virtue of easily favoring the mantra and allowing my shallow scenery to unfold in a non-forceful way.

The lesson here is: To get deep, we often have to spend due time in the shallow water first. For me, that means tolerating the inner, narrative voice of Cody, who wants to comment on, and shout about, a great many things. For you, it might be slightly different, but I will suggest one thing on the matter: The journey of meditation is not one of fighting the ego, but befriending it.

Often, when I accept my shallow perception, and take full advantage of my feeble faculties, that is when God swoops by like a thief in the night and engulfs my mind in a maneuver of transcendence and grace.

It really makes sense if you think about it. There is an order, a sequence, an alignment to personal development and enlightenment. First things first. The shallow before the deep.

Thank you for reading. Be still, and flow.