Unity at MacDill Air Force Base

Last week, Sam and I went to MacDill Air Force Base for an event called Caring Hands Support, which was an exhibition serving the soldiers and family members of Special Forces Command. At the event, about 25 massage therapists from a variety of modalities were gathered there to provide free services. Of course, Sam and I offered reflexology and foot reading.

Throughout the course of the day, many soldiers and their family members passed through the large hangar, and our tables stayed occupied for pretty much the entire time. Fortunately, we, the bodyworkers, took a generous lunch break, so we had plenty of time to rest and replenish.

The very last person that got on my table was a former airplane mechanic who had transitioned into more clerical work. She had suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome and was desperately wanting me to touch her hands. I happily obliged, even though every person before her had received treatment on their feet. The feet are the most popular extremity by far, but at the Foot Whisperer, we also perform reflexology on the hands, ears, and face. In any case, as I was working on her hands, she started to form this big, blissful smile, and she said: "I don't why, but you're making me so happy. My hands are buzzing." I told her about the power of influencing the nervous system, and how subtle touch and alternating pressure was a great way to open the gateway to the body's healing mechanisms. Having her on the table was a terrific way to end the day's festivities, and I felt incredibly fulfilled for having touched a bunch of warriors and their family members.

As I have written about before, I am a proponent of adopting the "spiritual warrior" archetype. There needs to be a certain level of intensity, strength of character, and stream of devotional energy to carry the soul forward into progressive stages of enlightenment, especially the culminating stage of unity.

It has been said: "United we stand, divided we fall." It was a true privilege and pleasure to stand united with other bodyworkers at MacDill Air Force Base, as we served the enlisted men and women who in turn serve our country. There is great joy in serving the servants.

One day, I believe we will be free of the need to protect our boundaries, or to wage war against foreign enemies. I think peace in our time is rapidly approaching. I can sense that utopian reality dawning on the horizon. Then, the already existing unity which is present here and now will be magnified and enhanced even further. Unity is not a static state. It is a dynamic state that is constantly evolving, and we are riding that wave towards more ecstatic bliss, stillness in action, and an outpouring of divine love.

Thank you for reading. Be still and flow.

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