Why Community is So Important

I spent a summer in Alaska, working at a resort on the edge of Denali National Park. At that time, Jon Krakauer had recently published a book called Into The Wild, which is a non-fiction account of a young man named Christopher McCandless, who ventured into the wilderness of Alaska by himself, and tragically died due to food poisoning and starvation. I read the book while I was in Alaska, and was very moved by the story. Sean Penn eventually directed a film based on the book, and the movie is equally as compelling as Krakauer's piece.

Though the story seemingly ends tragically, there is some beautiful silver lining in the tale. McCandless kept a journal in his dying days of solitude, and he came to a wonderful realization. To paraphrase, he wrote: The realest kind of happiness is that which is shared. He had exerted a lot of effort to unplug from the mainstream grid, to distance himself from the demons of his family, and to embark on a solitary journey, but ultimately, he yearned to reconnect and to reconcile with the family and society he had run away from.

With spiritual practices like meditation, there is a place for solitude. To go within is to some extent to be alone. But, there is great strength and power when we meditate in groups. The more, the merrier, as they say. The meditation retreats I have attended have brought increased bliss and traction in stillness, and that's why I will be holding weekly meditations at the Foot Whisperer. I want to pay it forward by facilitating group settings. We desperately need the community dynamic, even more so than solitude.

Not to darken the mood any further in regards to tragic deaths, but I can't help but comment on the recent shooting in Las Vegas. Those kind of events are a symptom of the residual disconnective-ness that is being purified and transformed as we move forward in human evolution. When we meditate together, you can be sure that our radiance will mitigate, and ultimately eliminate, occurrences like those. When we set our minds to cultivating inner silence, we are moving in the opposite direction of nonsensical violence. We are moving towards unity, divine love, strength of character, and many other utopian qualities. We are being part of the solution, and not part of the problem.

Community is the glue that binds the world together. You know, the word "attachment" often gets a negative spin in spiritual lingo, but for me, there is very much a positive version of attachment. I'm talking about the kind of attachment that links hearts and minds together. I'm talking about the chains that secure and fasten our livelihoods and infrastructures. Some chains don't need to be broken or gained freedom from; some chains actually support and fortify our relationships as interdependent organisms.

The motto here at the Foot Whisperer is: Truth. Community. Purpose.

Let's find our truth by uniting as a community for the purpose of cultivating ecstatic bliss, stillness in action, and an outpouring of divine love. It's bound to get better if we implement potent practices and stick with our vision over the long run.

Thank you for reading. Be still, and flow.