There and Back Again

I am driven by vision. I can see images emerging on the horizon of possibility. Much like a painter looks at a blank canvas and fills the emptiness with brushstrokes that come alive with color and narrative shapes, I look into the future and move towards creating a living story that would make a wonderful novel—one that I would cherish reading and getting lost in.

My month of AYP certification in France was filled with vision. There, we had a seedling group of people, quite diverse, from a range of ethnicities and professional backgrounds, with different flavors of humor and personality. We were all joined together because we had found some magic in the AYP toolshed and wanted to deepen our study of the techniques. But it wasn't merely about studying and practicing the material. It was about living in close quarters with fellow yogis and yoginis, and that's what fed my vision as the weeks rolled on.

During one session in particular, my meditation reached a sublime level. Stillness came streaming into my third eye and down into the heart space and solar plexus, and I felt deeply connected to everyone in the tent. I could feel this wonderful paradox of being stretched out into the infinity of consciousness, while also being tethered to, and snugged up against, my comrades. To feel terrifically big and small simultaneously...ah, what a wonderful juxtaposition.

But the meditation sessions weren't even my favorite part of the retreat and training. It was the conversations we had while sitting on the bank of the river that quietly flowed along the front porch of our residence. It was the spontaneous jokes, the idiosyncrasies, the way we got more familiar with each other with each passing day. Tossing the frisbee, going on long walks, sneaking out at night to dance at a venue in the nearby town. Those were the gems.

There was only one other American there, so everybody else spoke English with their thick, native accents, such as Japanese, Filipino, Danish, and Spanish—to name a few. It was a potpourri, a melting pot. That diversity validated what AYP is about for me: inclusiveness, adaptation, community.

So I've returned back to Tampa with a vision of building an AYP community: a place where people can come to practice, to cultivate stillness and ecstasy, and to feel comfortable letting loose in their own skin, without fear of judgment or alienation. The TTC in France was a tiny glimpse of what's to come. A dash of inspiration. But for me, the real work begins now, here in my home town.

I will be offering AYP Instruction sessions at The Foot Whisperer. There is nothing quite as valuable as face-to-face time immersed in discussion and learning about these powerful techniques, so I want to be able to devote myself to clients in a way that is tactile and real. Ultimately, as humans, we usually like to give what we wish to receive, so I am being true to myself by extending my 7 years of experience with AYP to the public. I heartily invite anyone who wants to dive deeper into the inner world of dreams and desires, and we can explore the territory together using some of the best means available.

The individual sessions are a stepping stone to creating a community. One-on-one dialogues easily lend themselves to group gatherings. Group gatherings become fixtures in their respective localities. And localities form a worldwide network of alliances that can change the face of humanity for the better.

Thank you for reading, and best wishes on your chosen path.

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